Clinical researches

Organization and optimization of clinical trials

We will take all the necessary steps to accelerate the introduction of drugs to the market:

  • We organize or conduct monitoring of clinical trials
  • We will select a laboratory
  • We will assemble an expert team for outsourcing
  • We will control the quality of research
  • We will carry out general management of the R&D project
  • We will prepare documents based on the results of research for state registration

Perhaps our inclusion in the project even at a late phase of research.

Registration of medical devices and drugs

We will collect the registration dossier, take over the communication with the employees of the registration authorities and as quickly as possible open up a legal opportunity for you to enter the market.

Sales launch

We will provide access to the market, select distribution channels, outline and implement a promotional campaign, optimize operational activities and omnichannel promotion. Everything related to commercialization is our job, and you can focus on developing and efficiently running your business.

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