Patent landscape

Invention, utility model, industrial design

The information obtained from the analysis of the patent landscape is used internally to create new technologies, to identify possible companies or technologies / assets for licensing or acquisition, to develop technologies of other companies to bypass lawsuits, or to avoid the time and money spent on duplicating technology, which was developed earlier and may already be on the market. 


  • according to the compliance of the patentable object (invention, utility model, industrial design)
  • on the compliance of the patentable with IPC classes
  • according to the object's compliance with the patenting criteria

Creation of a terminological directory of the products that are the subject of search 

Information and analytical study of patent documentation, showing in general the patent situation in a certain technological direction:

Determining Search Depth

Search for the indexes of classification of patents / applications of the Russian Federation, international, European and national patent offices selected by the customer 

Subject or thematic search according to the criteria selected by the customer (IPC hierarchy level, name of the invention);

Uploading patent documents in the original language and sending to the customer in electronic form

Analyzing the hierarchy of the patent classification and conducting a search on it with the indication of keywords 

Determination of the possibility of releasing a new product:

Customer's choice of invention / technology desirable for production

Conducting a search to identify and organize the patent family (collection of all patents / applications filed for the same invention)

Analysis of the availability of legal protection for this family on the territory of the Russian Federation

Determination of the possibility of producing a product using the present invention

Determination of the licensor (patent owner), 

Determination of the possibility of releasing a similar product with a change in essential features (protected elements of the invention). 

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